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Website Design Using Clean Code

Get W3C Compliant

Integrating Clean Code with attractive layouts can provide a difference that your visitors will see and could affect your website's ability to return a higher ROI sooner, rather than later.

Unfortunately for most business owners, the typical graphic artist and proclaimed web design company have little or no understanding of the role that proper coding and design plays in your company's ability to succeed and make money online. There are millions of "Professionally" built sites that would not pass even the basic tests for a "Quality Website" if proper design and search engine-friendly standards are applied.

The typical website design company fails to build websites using clean code standards!

Take the SEO King® Challenge! Take our competitor's website address and check it for yourself! If you find Errors, you've got a design firm that may cost you double to repair your website design tomorrow than what you paid them to create it today. (As a side note, this paragraph was written two years ago, since that time, we've made an impact and many of our Tampa web design competitors have since "Cleaned up their act". We love it!)

Poor Coding leads to Poor results and gives those sites that are built properly an advantage over those which aren't.

Experience the SEO King® website design difference today. We don't publish all of our market conversion techniques for a reason. Our competition reads our company website and searches for our client sites every week to learn how we do what we do.

Many now sell our concepts, services and business approach. As a business owner, you know selling and doing are two different things. Give us a call, or simply use our online form to request a free consultation.