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Website Design Process

Web Design Process

Business owners who come to SEO King® for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Services find out just how much it costs to Fix Poor Website Design problems created by other national and local Tampa web design firms. That's why SEO King® makes "do it right the first time" a priority for each of its projects.

Our job is to save you time and money by creating a website that adds value to your firms bottom line.

Beyond the initial sales consultation, SEO King® provides ongoing consultations throughout the design phase of your company website to ensure that your investment not only works for you today, but for years to come.

Regardless of the size or type of website you've ordered, we have implemented specific processes to ensure on-time production at the highest level of quality.

  • Initially, we identify your goals and objectives clearly for your company website.
  • We provide a confidential pre-design checklist that helps our graphic design team to begin production on your site in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
  • If you have not registered a domain name, we will work with you to identify and register the domain name that best represents the image of your business.
  • Working with our pre-design production list, we integrate your company logo and, for Custom Design Projects, add existing company graphics to your website design.
  • At this point, we will need access to the back end of your Web Hosting account. If you haven't ordered hosting, SEO King® can provide hosting for your company website at very competitive pricing.
  • During the design process, SEO King® will configure all aspects of your hosting service to properly display your finished website.
  • At strategic points during production, we will upload pages for your review and approval, making modifications and changes as necessary.
  • Upon completion of the base layout, we will integrate your content within the website. Typically, any flash animation or shopping carts are uploaded and made available for review at this stage in production..
  • Finally, a final review is done to ensure that your company's new website meets our clean code standards.

We want you to be truly satisfied with your new company website. Our production process for a Custom Website Design is in place to assure that the finished product is of the highest quality that we are capable of producing.

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