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Why Do I Need SEO

Why Do I Need SEO Services

The reality is that, if you're designing a company website, you need to consider implementing site-based search engine optimization. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have to decide what role the Internet will play in your business model and whether you'll be implementing a strategic search engine marketing campaign. Regardless of your marketing decision, if building a website, site-based SEO plays an important role in the usability and aesthetics of your website.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I need a company website?
  • Can I afford the design and development costs?
  • Can I afford the additional cost of Search Engine Optimization?
  • Do I want to properly prepare my company Website for visitors?
  • Do I have business goals for my website?
  • Do I have a concept of what the website will do?
  • Do I expect the website to create profits?
  • Will I be using the Company Website in traditional marketing?

If you can answer yes to these questions and plan to invest in developing a national or local Tampa website brand, then you most certainly need to include Search Engine Optimization as an integral part of that development during the design stage.

As previously addressed, SEO encompasses both site-based and off-site marketing strategies. SEO King® breaks these down into two separate agreements because we understand each business is unique and not every business owner may initially require off-site Search Engine Marketing.

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