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What Is Included In SEO

What is included in SEO Services?

For SEO King®, your site-based SEO Strategy is the foundation for your Internet success. Think of it as your Internet Business Plan. It is no different than the business plan you developed when you first started your company. It incorporates, not just the coding of your site, but also your site design strategy.

Our job is to work with you to ensure an effective website layout is put into place that is search engine friendly, friendly to your visitors, and provides a proper SEO framework.

Naturally we want to ensure that your company website maintains a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance for quality branding. In every instance, setup recommendations that we make are, we believe, search engine friendly and will promote your business in a professional manor. For existing sites, we will attempt to minimize cost and work around issues that poor website design and improper coding will create for your future rankings and usability.

If you are already working with a design firm, that's OK too. We gladly work with competitors to ensure that the finished product that a third party national or local Tampa web design company delivers to you incorporates an effective site-based search engine optimization strategy.

As an SEO King® customer, you can rest easy knowing that our goal is dedicated to the success of your online business.

Our Program includes:

  • Keyword Research

    SEO King® will initially develop a keyword analysis report for your industry sector. This report tells SEO King®, and You, exactly how potential prospects are searching on the Internet to find your type of busness. The target search phrases should be incorporated within, or become a part of, your content development throughout your site.

  • Website Theme Review

    Throughout the entire site-based optimization process, SEO King® will be working with you to ensure tat your site maintains a consistent Theme. What do we consider to be Theme? It is what your site is all about. Whether you are offering a service or product, your site should consistently focus on what you do and how your business can help your prospects.

    Maintaining a consistent theme of your website plays a important role in how effective your natural website rankings will develop using off-site search engine marketing strategies. Further, a properly developed website theme will reinforce your prospects' understanding of exactly what your company is offering.

  • Navigation Review
  • Images Review

    The images you use on your company site are tools to re-enforce the sales presentation. Proper use and placement of images within your company website can have a positive or negative impact on the overall usability of your site. Because of the file sizes involved in images, development must take into account "File Drag," which is the amount of time a page containing images will take to load in the prospect's browser.

    The most challenging aspect of design is building a site for the user, in contrast to the wants of the business owner. SEO King® works with you to incorporate image files within the site layout, and content that effectively represents the desired presentation and visitor action, while maintaining a Visitor- and Search Engine-friendly page size.

  • Page Development Review

    Each page of your site should have a clear and concise purpose. If your goal is to deliver information for an informed decision, options should be clearly labeled for the prospect to take action in response to the page's intent. SEO King® will worth with you to ensure that your web page layout offers both unique information and a clearly defined purpose within the overall structure of your website.

  • Website Content Review

    The content of your site should revolve around the action you want your visitors to take. Remember, your website is an online advertisement for your business. SEO King® will utilize your content to incorporate keyword phrases in the proper locations of the page., This may require the addition of new content pages for optimal results.

    Based on your market, we may need to work with you to develop additional content pages that expand the coverage of your topic in order to incorporate new keyword phrases that cannot be utilized effectively in the existing content pages. SEO King® believes that every page of your website is a Doorway Page, as every page should be a potential entry point to your website via search engine results, delivering both relevant and targeted traffic. In all instances, every page of your site must be unique, content-rich, add to the quality of your website and serve a purpose for your site visitors.

    Whether it is a new site or an existing website, which we are developing, new content pages can be gradually added to cover the future topics necessary to expand target keyword phrases. As our client, the most important aspect of development is putting in place an effective foundation for your company website. With a solid foundation, we can easily and effectively expand the size of your website as your content development time permits.

  • Search Engine Tag Review

    Once we have the framework of your site layout and have selected target keyword phrases, we can begin to develop the ideal Title Tags, Meta Tags, Image Alt tags, heading tags and other such coding required to optimally define the topics of the page and facilitate off-site marketing activities.

  • File Name Review

    While these sound unimportant, properly naming files is an intricate part of the overall site-based optimization process. There are more than 100 factors considered by search engines for ranking purposes. Each factor plays a role in how well your natural search rankings will develop. Based upon the page topic, SEO King® will create optimal file names that properly identify the subject of the page. Combined with internal linking strategies, your file names become very important to the overall usability and rankings of your company website.

  • Finished Layout Review

    The finished layout of your site will be reviewed with you and double-checked to ensure that all pages meet the basic SEO King® quality requirements of Visitor- and Search Engine-friendliness for maximum site-based SEO results. The final layout should be a quality representation of your company, cross browser compatible and aesthetically pleasing.

In the end, the goal of the finished website is to create a Visitor- and Search Engine-friendly presentation. Ultimately, this will result in more convertible traffic that will act upon the offer presented within the content of your company website.

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