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Providing expert search engine optimization with over 8 years of SEO experience focused on a variety of project types.

Are you ready to see your site succeed? We provide ethical expert SEO services built around a singular focus - Your Success. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, falls into two distinct separate processes. The first type of optimization is site based optimization and incorporates various steps that prepare your website to be found in the search results of any given search engine. These website optimization processes will help search engines understand what your site is about, in addition to assisting search engines to understand which search terms are relevant to your product or service.

Submitting your site for inclusion within the search engines is time consuming and, frankly, a waste of your time.
Do I Need SEO Do I Need SEO
A common question for website owners is "Why do I need search engine optimization services?".
When To SEO When To SEO
When should you look to implement an effective SEO strategy? Find out just how important a solid SEO plan really is.
Benefits of SEO Benefits of SEO
Knowing the benefits of an effective SEO strategy can help you make the right investment decisions.
Cost of SEO Cost of SEO
Effective SEO Strategies can be far more cost effective and beneficial for many website owners than you might think.
Included in SEO Included in SEO
What's included in traditional search engine optimization programs for small and mid-size companies?
W3C W3C Programming
Don't be fooled, w3c compliance can play a pivotal role in how well your website ranks in the major search engines.
SEO Tips SEO Tips
Our list of basic webmaster tips for do-it-yourself site based search engine optimization contains some really useful help.
Search Guidelines Search Guidelines
Following these basic search engine guidelines can help to ensure your website avoids being penalized by the major search engines.
SEO Consultant SEO Consultation
Having ranking issues? Need a little direction? Our site based SEO consultation services are ideal for webmaster just looking for some direction.

Site-based optimization is the most important aspect of your overall website seo strategy. If your content and code do not properly help search engines to understand your company products and services, a given search engine will not be able to identify your site as relevant to a searcher's needs. Further, an improperly designed website, will cost more money in lost business, and redesign costs, than one that is properly developed and designed from its conception.

The second type of SEO is off-site search engine marketing. The Internet is called the World Wide Web (www) because of the nature of how sites link to one another. Web refers to sites linking to yours; World Wide means that sites throughout the world inter-link, creating and registering as a real live place to go and do business.

Your company site needs to become a part of the web, and this can only occur when other websites begin linking to you.

As a full service search engine optimization company, SEO King® considers Off-site SEO to be a part of Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Off-site Internet Marketing involves building your company website into the web network via sites linking back to you. Search Engines follow the network of links and index, or re-index, website pages within their databases as they find them. Links to your website are how your company website will continue to be found and indexed, and plays an important role in how your company site is ranked within the search Engines' natural rankings.

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