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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

As a business owner, staying in touch with your customers and creating conversion opportunities for your prospects can be extremely difficult. Strategic e-mail marketing can be an effective tool and enable you to keep everyone up to date on new services, products and company promotions.

The frank reality is that everyone hates spam, and everyone receives spam.

SEO King® does not provide "Blanket E-Mail Advertising" and adheres strictly to the Can-Spam Act of 2003. Instead, we work with our clients to develop a strategy to capture "opt-in"
e-mail addresses from prospects and customers who want to be kept up to date about your company either via an e-mail periodical or an e-mail sales flyer.

Our E-Mail Marketing Program includes:

  • Installation and Training of a website-based program
  • Compiling Opt-in Email addresses through a form subscription on your website (Automated)
  • Email Template Design (Optional)
  • Managed Email Campaigns (Optional)
    When done properly, Email marketing is the fastest and most economical way to convert customers and prospects to sales!

If you don't have an Opt-In Email option on your national or Tampa website, your customers and prospects are missing you, your services, your products and your sales.

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