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Back Link Development

Back Link Development Services

The heart of any Search Engine Marketing campaign is back-link development. What are back-links? While there are different types and linking techniques, in general terms, back links are links contained on third-party websites that, when clicked, lead to your own company website.

Strategic Back Link Development Starting at only $250.00 A Month.

Strategic back-links are the key to natural search engine rankings and domination that leads to highly targeted traffic that converts. As a website promotion company, the primary goal of our SEM Strategy is to break your company's dependence upon Pay Per Click or Affiliate Marketing campaigns that can cost your company significant amounts of money.

Through natural search engine rankings, your company will capture the attention of the same prospects for whom you may be paying today!

Our back-link development program tackles the dirty work of researching and acquiring back-links that will offer value and weight in the eyes of the search engines. Combined with our site-based search engine optimization services and comprehensive keyword analysis, back-link development can be a very powerful process indeed.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 searchers completely ignore paid advertising a/k/a PPC listings? That's 90% of your target audience!

There are two distinct types of back-links:

  • One Way Back-Links
  • Reciprocal Back-Links

SEO King® will focus on developing both one way and reciprocal back-links to your company website. We will submit your site to a wide range of Directories, such as DMOZ, in a process of building up one-way, relevant links to your site. We maintain a list of optional, recommended, paid directories, whose inclusion, we believe, are critical in building Search Engine Trust.

Part of our site-based SEO Service includes a detailed analysis of your competition in preparation for your search engine marketing campaign.

In addition to free and paid directory listings, we will develop one-way links using direct contact with other site owners and industry websites that we believe complement your own company website.

As an option, we will install a reciprocal-link management program, if your website doesn't already have one, to manage link exchanges with industry-related websites that offer value and unique content to your visitors.

The reality is that the quality of your website design, content and any tools you may offer, will play a huge role in how attractive your company site is - for linking purposes. SEO King® will make specific recommendations for change based upon a full analysis of your website during our Search Engine Optimization process. These changes are designed not only to prepare your website to rank well in search engines, but also to ensure that your site is attractive enough to become a "Link Magnet".

We've assisted both national and local Tampa web design clients to achieve top rankings and revenue! What are you waiting for? Request a Quote today!