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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Services

For some companies, utilizing affiliate marketing programs can expand both market penetration and sales for typically no more than you would pay in commission to your local sales agents. This technique is best used in combination with products or services that can be provided on a National or Worldwide basis.

Affiliate Marketing is like building A Nationwide Sales Team without The Nationwide Sales Team Costs!

What is affiliate marketing? Entrepreneurs and website owners around the world are always looking for new ways to capitalize on their existing traffic. In return for a "Commission," these independent companies and individuals will market your products or services on their own websites. The best part about affiliate marketing is that the model is based upon Pay Per Conversion, rather than Pay Per Click. If you don't make a sale, you don't pay a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is the Internet Version of building a commission only sales team.

Like any network, it takes time to develop and grow. SEO King® will work with your company to identify whether an affiliate marketing program makes sense. If it does, we'll take the lead and put all the necessary tools in place that are required to establish and market your affiliate program. We are the leader in Tampa web design and Internet marketing with a National focus and customer base!

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