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Website Auditing Services

Code Compliance

Through the course of doing business and assisting many client business sites, we have found there is an extensive need for website audits which address:

  • W3C Coding Compliance
  • Visitor Usability
  • Broken Links
  • Redirecting Websites
  • Links to "Bad Neighbors"

Given the complexity of keeping up with all of the changes going on around your company website, SEO King® is please to provide a website auditing service that includes;

  • W3C Compliance Audit; Incorporates a full scale site check with recommendations for repair and correction.
  • Usability Audit; Incorporating your business goals with site specific recommendations for prospect to customer conversion ratios.
  • Broken Link Audit; Identifying and correcting broken links contained within your company website.
  • Redirecting Link Audit; Identifying internal and external links which redirect to new pages. SEO King, Inc. will correct these links to point to the correct page intended.
  • Bad Neighbors; SEO King, Inc. will audit all external links contained within your website and point to third party sites to insure these links point to their intended targets and that those target sites are not considered "Spam" sites by the various search engines.

SEO King® is your trusted source for Quality website development. To request a website audit, simply request a quote today!