Add This Payment Form

Want to order the SEO King® individual payment form, like the one we use, for your website? For the form to work, you must be signed up and have an active payment (gateway) processing account, your site must have either a dedicated or shared ssl and your site must be fully php enabled.

( Application application)

Your form can either use the credit card only information like ours, or, we can add the "Ship To" section for a small upgrade fee.

  • Payment Processing Only: $149.95
  • Payment Processing with Ship To Information: $199.95

To order a single website license, just give us a call. SEO King, Inc. will then e-mail you an invoice in which you can reference for payment. Once payment is made, a representative will be in contact with you to setup* your new payment form.

*Integration does not include additional programming OR any website design. Integration only includes setting up the form to work with your account and placing the applicable code within your existing web page design. SEO King, Inc. is not responsible for whether the form actually lays out properly within a design not completed by the SEO King's Tampa web design team.