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SEO King® Remote Support

To request remote support for an application, you will need to download and install our remote application software. This application uses 1024 bit encription and is the most secure remote support application available today.

Download the remote support software

Installation Instructions:

Step 1.
Click "Download Now" to begin the download.

Step 2.
Click "Run" to begin setup of the remote support software

Step 3.
Click on "Syberfix Professional Client"

Step 4.
Click "Next" and Follow the Setup Wizard

Step 5.
Click "Finish" to Complete Registration

After the installation has finished the software will automatically launch and ask you to register. This is a one time process.

After registration, the Repair Company selection wizard will ask you to choose a repair company. Enter the Repair Company CSA Key of "seoking".

Thats It. We encourage all of our national and local Tampa website design and hosting clients to pre-register.