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Features of CubeCart 3.0.x

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CubeCart 3 supports 99% of the features available in version 2 with the following additions.

  • Powerful Template System (100% separate PHP from HTML)
  • Plug & Play (Modular) Payment Gateways
  • Plug & Play (Modular) Shipping Methods
  • Plug & Play (Modular) 3rd Party Affiliate Systems
  • Valid XHTML & CSS Code
  • Tax by State/Zone or Country
  • Unlimited Currencies (Completely Customizable)
  • Inventory Stock Control
  • Sell Digital & Tangible Products
  • Unlimited Images/Photos per Product
  • Product can be Placed in Unlimited Categories
  • Improved Customer Email Marketing System
  • Unlimited Store Administrators (with configurable permissions)
  • Improved Language Support
  • Automated Copyright Removal
  • Powerful Rich Text Editor (Cross Browser)
  • Improved SSL support
  • Improved Server Compatibility/Security/Efficiency

Features of CubeCart 2.0.x:

  • Unlimited product options with +ve or -ve value
  • Multiple language support
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to host your store on a secure server*
  • Multiple Payment Methods (e.g. Accept postal orders as well as PayPal and Credit Cards)
  • Customers personalised control panel
  • Unlimited document creation with macros to display on store front. No html experience necessary!
  • Improved order control and customer control
  • Improved search allowing AND, OR and search by product ID
  • Custom product identification or automatic generation
  • Delivery status notification (Automatic emails sent to customers upon delivery status change)
  • Improved security by restricting admin access by IP address and ability to ban access to storefront by IP.
  • Improved installation for Windows servers
  • Search tracking by key words (To understand your customers needs with graphical representation)
  • More control over the store layout (e.g. No. products per page, multi column categories and ordering)
  • Integrated help and support
  • PaySystems, MoneyBookers and Custom Gateway added**

Previous Features:

(Also included in current version)

  • Simple integration for 2Checkout,, WorldPay, PayPal, NOCHEX, E-Gold and other secure payment companies!**
  • Easy install script
  • Multiple stores with one database
  • Multilevel categories so that products can be located easily and logically
  • Product search facility
  • Sale mode on/off
  • Store online/offline at click of a button with custom message
  • Customer login for easy repeat business
  • Temporary password generation if password is lost
  • Order history with current order progress
  • Add current page to browser favorites
  • Tell a friend about a particular product
  • Automatic thumbnail generation (GD 1.6 and higher required)
  • Add/Delete/Edit products and categories within admin
  • Upload & delete category/product images in *.jpg, *.png or *.gif format
  • Statistics within admin displaying customers/hits/product popularity per month displayed graphically
  • Database backup facility
  • Shipping calculated per category for national and international orders
  • Cookies to remember customers shopping basket contents upon next visit
  • List of customers with search facility and ip address for security
  • Bulk e-mail facility via admin or e-mail dump for bulk e-mail software
  • Automatic printing of invoice/delivery sheets
  • Easy to customize site theme from settings
  • Pagination to avoid lengthy lists (e.g: << prev 1 2 3 next >>)

And a whole lot more...

* Web hosting with Security Certificate may be required.
** Some customization may be required.

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