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How To File For Copyright Protection

How To File

If your company is serious about doing business online, you need to invest in filing for copyright protection of your website resource. For a low investment, you can have SEO King® file for Copyright protection of your company website using our Request a Quote page.

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You can file for protection of your website directly with the U.S. Copyright office by going here: U.S. Copyright Office

- Or -

Your can use an attorney that specializes in Copyright Protection. A good resource is the Find Law Website.

In the end, we strongly encourage you to take some form of action to protect your asset. We would love the opportunity to assist your company in filing for copyright protection of your website. As a Tampa Bay area firm, we work with both national and local clients in achieving top rankings in natural search. With thosetype of high rankings, predators lurk and seek to undermine your success. Protect your legal rights today!