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Website Copyright Protection Services

Copyright Services

As a business and entrepreneur, you work hard to develop and implement an Internet business strategy that creates financial security for you, your family and your company. As a value-added service to our clients, we provide Copyright Protection Services to help protect your Internet business asset.

Copyright protection can cover any unique content contained on your website, unique images created specifically for your website, and any unique programming code written specifically for your website or web application.

Why invest Thousands of Dollars in your business and not invest hundreds to Protect What you Created?
Why File Copyright Why File For Copyright Protection
For some, the idea of filing for copyright protection may seem to be a trivial matter. Not so...Protecting your web investment is crucial.
How to file Copyright How To File For Copyright Protection
Are you not sure how to file for copyright protection? It's really not a difficult process and can be done in just a few day...

What is Copyright? Copyright is a type of protection provided to authors of original works via the laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) and can include the text content, images and the actual programming code used to create the layout of your finished website.

While the protection is available to both published and unpublished works, SEO King® recommends that our National and local Tampa web design clients file immediately upon review and approval of the completed website. Section 106 of the 1976 Copyright act provides the original owner of the work the exclusive rights to use, or authorize use of, the protected work:

  • To Reproduce the work(s) in Copies
  • To prepare Derivative Works based upon the original work
  • To Distribute Copies of the original work for sale, rental, lease or lending
  • To Display The Copyrighted Work Publicly
  • In the case of Sound Recordings, to Perform the Work Publicly via Digital Audio Transmission

Copyright protection does not protect phrases or sets of individual words. That protection can only be gained via a Trademark Application and, in these instances, we recommend that our clients retain the services of a Trademark Attorney.

Our Copyright filing services start at only $175.00 and are dependent upon the number of pages, images, and the amount of programming code that makes up the entirety of your body of work. Our fee covers the Copyright Application Cost and all relevant labor and materials necessary to submit a proper application to the U.S. Copyright office.

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