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SEO King, Inc Mission Statement:

Delivering affordable, and real Internet SEO and SEM services geared towards the small to mid-size business owner and entrepreneur. Our focus is not just on building a website, but on building sites designed to compete against large corporations on the World Wide Web.

At SEO King, Inc., we know our proven formula for success to search engine optimization and marketing can help your company achieve a successful Internet presence. The ROI you achieve on your investment is just as important to us, as it is to you. Through our strategic Internet marketing strategies, we are Building Your Internet Brand®! We are confident we can reach your goals for qualified targeted traffic, solid sales conversions and the best ROI for your marketing dollar.

About SEO King®

SEO King® was started in May of 2005 with a goal of delivering affordable Internet services built around the needs of small to mid-size business owners and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to assist you to successfully understand and compete in the growing Internet market.

According to Pew Internet Research, on average, nearly 60 Million Americans search the Internet for information. Of those 60 Million searchers, 45% will make financial decisions based upon the resources they find.

SEO King® does not provide Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services to every potential client. Instead, we are consistent in our goal of redefining the Internet to the benefit of the small business owner.

We believe that the future of the Internet is found in Local Search, and we want to position our clients to compete for consumers both today and tomorrow.

Using our experience and technical resources, we are able to provide a wide range of services that will assist our clients to develop effective Internet branding strategies. We believe that our approach to the Internet will help you to achieve a successful Internet business model and allow your company to successfully invest and penetrate the many business opportunities available on the web.

SEO King® believes that the Internet is the great equalizer for doing business.

The Internet neither cares, nor considers, how large a company is, how many employees a company has, or what a company's name is. Search engines are only concerned with how relevant a company website is to what a searcher is looking for.

What a concept! What an Opportunity!

With a strategic Internet business plan, your company can create a significant short and long term ROI in comparison to that which is available via traditional marketing venues and at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. That is where SEO King® wants you and each of its clients to be. "Your success is our success, and our only goal is to assist you to strategically place your business into a position to succeed online."